Kaydence.org Privacy Policy

Information that is submitted to Kaydence.org will not be published with the following exception(s):
  • Information submitted for the Angel Wings Awareness Quilt including:
    • Angel's Name
    • Angel's Birth Date (legally Date of Birth)
    • Angel's Angel Date (legally Date of Death)
  • Email Address that are submitted to this site are kept private and are inaccessible with the following exception(s):
    • Administrators of Kaydence.org
    • Other groups that have been specially picked by the webmaster to have access, and ONLY for reasons that are deemed to be appropriate by the Webmaster of Kaydence.org
    • If you do not want us to share your e-mail address with other SMA groups and organizations, please use the Contact Us Form to let us know. Direct your message to the webmaster, and we will disable the other groups access to this information.
    • We WILL NOT intentionally allow someone to get ahold of any email address submitted to this website for malicious use (ie. SPAM).
  • Email address that are submitted to the guestbook are only accessible by the website administrators
  • Information that is submitted in connection to Duplicate Square orders for the Angel Wings Awareness Quilt, including but not limited to, home address, email address, etc.. are only accessible by the individuals that are involved in the Angel Wings Awareness Quilt. We do not ask for input of or record any credit card numbers or banking information of any type. All electronic payments recieved for Duplicate Squares are processed thru Paypal and adheres to Paypal's privacy policy. We do not recieve any of the banking information that you supply to paypal.
  • Your IP address is being logged as well as other non-personal information that is provided by your web browser this information is only used to track demographics and malicious attempts to compromise the security or integrity of Kaydence.org
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